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Emsur USA have equipped its plant with a new seaming machine for sleeves and inspecting lines. Dimatra is a non-stop shrinkable sleeves seamer machine with operation speed of 500 m/min, designed specifically for Emsur with these characteristics.

The new investment is fully running at Chicago´s plant thanks to the continued business development of our sales team and the growing demand of the shrink sleeve product category. The Dimatra machine and inspecting equipment were installed in June, with customer volume passing through the equipment in July. Dimatra is a non-stop shrinkable sleeves seamer machine with operation speed of 500 m/min, designed specifically for Emsur with these characteristics.

The addition of the shrink sleeve equipment assets in Chicago now allows us to bring more Value to our customers by adding long run capabilities to our short run focus shrink sleeve operation in Dunkirk, NY. We are excited about increasing our Value Proposition to our customer by offering the capabilities to meet their small and large volume shrink sleeve requirements with the addition of these new assets. Additionally, these new resources will allow us to execute against our strategic growth plans for the Dairy, Beverage and Home & Personal Care vertical markets”, said Ron Ramsey, General Manager of Emsur USA.