Ever since its inception Emsur has distinguished itself as a leader in its field and it has become one of the largest suppliers of flexible packaging in the dairy sector.

  • A highly successful international packaging group

Emsur is a global company with more than 1000 employees of 16 different nationalities with a high degree of training and expertise in the packaging industry.

  • An opportunity to take responsibility and face challenges

The nature of our industry means that our staff is given great responsibility from the time they start with the company.
The stiff competition and demands of the packaging sector create a challenging work environment. Emsur’s staff is continually ensuring that the company achieves its productivity and quality targets, while respecting people and the environment.

  • Personal development and training

At Emsur we encourage the personal development of our staff by providing them with the means to achieve their goals under the best conditions and in the most effective way possible.

  • Equal opportunity for all

Emsur provides the same opportunities for all without discriminating between sex, race, religion, age or nationality.
Our managers ensure that our staff respects the group’s values and that everyone is treated with respect and integrity.

  • An international career

With Emsur all our workers can expect a career without limits and they must be ready to accept new challenges, because we operate in a global market.

  • Emsur’s Values

Human capital should be attracted, maintained and stimulated through fair and competitive policies, a good, safe working environment and through their personal and professional development and assessment.
We must be continually focused on achieving results.
We must always be honest and realistic in ensuring consistency between theory and practice, by exercising our professional ethics.
Timely and productive creativity should always be encouraged and valued.