"Everyone returns home safe and healthy every day"

Grupo Lantero considers the wellness and safety of people to be an essential part of its activity. We firmly believe that nothing should be done without safety and that all accidents are avoidable.

To make this principle come true and for all of us to perceive its benefits we need to share it. The Health & Safety Policyof Grupo Lantero reflects the Group’s commitment and points to the path to be followed: our health and safety is part of our job. It is for our benefit and depends on us.

The set of actions that we develop to help us evolve towards a culture of integrated safety with our operations is called ONE SAFETY. A unified, flexible management standard shared by everyone and applicable at all of our facilities and even outside work.


The Essential Conviction, Vision, Mission and Values form the Group’s ideological support in health and safety.


  • We think that all accidents can be avoided. It is not a question of bad luck; they occur when a series of circumstances coincide and one of them triggers an accident. The correct way to act is to identify these causes in advance and report them, control them or eliminate them. If we act this way all accidents are preventable.


  • Anybody can have an accident, cause an accident or prevent an accident from happening. It is an individual and shared responsibility.
  • This is why we believe that health and safety needs to be tackled collectively, acknowledging and reinforcing positive actions and encouraging self-criticism to identify all that can be improved.


  • We have firm beliefs, but we know that we don’t know everything.
  • And there is nothing wrong in admitting it, because people who think they know everything or who act as though they do, sooner or later stop progressing, are exposed and, ultimately, fail. Health and safety requires training, it requires observing and listening, checking and reflecting or even “unlearning” things in order to “re-learn” them.


  • We believe the reason for working is progress and the reason for progress is wellness.
  • We believe in safe, healthy work environments and putting people first and thinking not just about the present but also the future.

Our Vision of Health and Safety

To be a great company we must have an excellent performance in safety"


  • Our vision of Health and Safety

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