Since it was founded in 1990, Emsur has gone from being a small company to an international group with over 1000 highly-trained employees of 16 different nationalities. Our organizational philosophy is distinguished in the following points:


Our mission is to become a globally diversified converter supplying innovative and high-quality packaging solutions while maintaining our honest and flexible character in line with our code of conduct and values. Our strategy is based on the supply of quality products combined with exceptional service to our customers, while remaining fully competitive on the market.


To be leaders in the flexible packaging industry on a global scale, meeting our customers’ expectations while maintaining a close and trusting relationship to supply them with innovative, efficient and high-quality solutions.



We offer only what we know we can accomplish, and we strive to achieve that goal in an integral way by delivering our products on time and complying with the highest standards of quality and food safety.


Our more than 30 years’ experience in the industry certifies us as a business oriented towards customer satisfaction, continuously improving our procedures to offer increasingly better products of the very highest quality.


We go about our business with a clear conscience of respect and care for the environment. We have the strongest conviction that our people and the planet are our most valuable assets.


We adjust our products and services to our customers’ actual needs. We offer agility and dynamism in our decision-making that help to make processes more efficient.


We continuously improve our processes, products and services, offering new flexible packaging solutions adapted to the demands of the market and our customer’s own targets.

Continuous improvement

We employ Lean Manufacturing and a permanent quest for measurable results as a means of progressing. We make continuous improvement a company culture, focusing on the enhancement of our products, procedures and customer service.


Not only do we fulfil our obligations, but we challenge our capabilities to deliver what our customers have entrusted us with. Our commitment to service is firm, backed by an ethical and sustainable approach in all areas of our business.


We establish successful and lasting relationships with our customers and collaborators as a means of detecting and solving all their needs. We cherish our excellent customer service and technical support.

All our products and services are backed by a highly qualified team and by processes based on innovation and quality.