The COEXPAN & EMSUR R&D centre is celebrating its anniversary after one-year operating.

Madrid, 23 July 2020. – INNOTECH, the innovation and development centre of COEXPAN & EMSUR, opened its doors last year with an inaugural event at its facilities in Alcalá de Henares, international headquarters of COEXPAN and EMSUR.

Since then, INNOTECH has become a meeting point and acceleration platform for numerous customers and collaborators (suppliers, public institutions, etc.) seeking to respond to the great challenges of the sector in terms of sustainability, circular economy and new consumer demands.

The facilities have more than 1,000 m2 and a state-of-the-art machinery industrial park that makes it unique (rigid and flexible multilayer extrusion pilot line, FFS packaging lines, flexible film lamination, pouches machine, etc.) as well as a laboratory for carrying out tests and characterizing materials.

Since its inauguration, the development of sustainable and functional packaging solutions has been the main activity of the centre.

Based on circular economy and eco-design principles, projects that seek to extend the shelf life of food, promote the recyclability and circularity of plastics, biobased and compostable packaging, as well as new technical solutions that optimize the amount of material used and have lower environmental impact.

The launch of INNOTECH reinforces COEXPAN and EMSUR’s commitment to sustainability and to achieve an increasingly sustainable future of Packaging.

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