The EMSUR Spain plant has renewed its FSC® certification.

Madrid, 7 July 2020.EMSUR Spain has successfully renewed its FSC® certification that guarantees use of products from well-managed forests which provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The evaluation was completed last month in line with the objectives of the company’s Global Quality Plan.

The FSC® label, awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council, is a system of forest certification that examines the origin of the forest products used by companies. The purpose of this is to guarantee to consumers that forest products with the FSC® label come from responsibly managed forests.

There are different types of FSC® labels that are issued depending on the origin of forest products, their production stages, and the way they advance through the value chain. Hence, the Chain of Custody certificate issued by the organisation is essential as it is proof of compliance with public or private purchasing policies that specify, as a requirement, the supply of environmentally responsible materials.

The fact that EMSUR has obtained this certificate once again reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and to the protection of the environment, offering customers a guarantee as to the source of the raw materials used to produce its flexible packaging solutions for the food industry.

Together with this certification, it is important to highlight the recent renewal of ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification at the Group’s plant in Mexico, which acknowledges its production efficiency and sustainable performance.

Furthermore, EMSUR Spain and its sister company COEXPAN, at their Beaucouzé, Chantrans and Madrid plants, have recently announced the renewal of their BRC Food Safety Packaging certification that recognises the companies’ compliance with their Corporate Social Responsibility policies, and highlights their commitment to working towards achieving a sustainable future.

Both companies share the firm commitment to fostering Sustainability, by providing products that optimise the use of natural resources and reduce their environmental impact, while at the same time promoting food preservation. They focus on eco-design and the circularity of their packaging through increasingly sustainable and safe solutions.