Emsur awarded the EcoVadis silver medal at its plants in Poland and France

Emsur SPO and Emsur Poland have been awarded the silver medal in recognition of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Madrid, 2nd October 2019 – Emsur Poland, located in the city of Jozefow, Poland, and Emsur SPO, sited in Ballée, North-west France, have both been awarded the silver medal certificate as recognition of the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This certificate, presented by EcoVadis, stands as recognition of the company’s performance and good practices in the areas of Environment, Labour Practices and Human Rights, and Responsible Supplier and Procurement Management in all its operations.

This prestigious award is a reflection on the quality of the CSR management system at both Emsur plants and certifies the company’s pledge to all its stakeholders to implement sustainable business practices based on continuous improvement.

This award was given by EcoVadis following exhaustive analysis and assessment of the company’s CSR areas based on international standards for sustainable development. The organisation calls for two essential pre-requisites in order to achieve certification: continued excellence over the last 5 years in terms of Business Ethics and over the past three years in the fields of Environment, Labour Practices and Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement, in which performance at both Emsur plants proved favourable.

Among the companies assessed by EcoVadis, Emsur SPO and Emsur Poland were found to stand out from the rest in terms of their Continuous Improvement and Business Ethics. By awarding this certificate, EcoVadis highlights the company’s determination to achieve a sustainable future.

In addition, through its internal programme entitled ONE SAFETY, Emsur fosters healthy and safe working environments, which are both principles of mandatory compliance for Ecovadis certification.

Commitment to Sustainability

Emsur is persevering in its efforts to reduce Carbon Footprint by committing to responsible waste management and a reduction in raw material, water and energy consumption, all of which has led to its improved positioning on the ranking of companies assessed by Ecovadis.

The basis of Emsur’s commitment to Sustainability is to supply packaging solutions while at the same time minimising our environmental impact, improving the local communities where we operate and promoting our employees’ personal development, thus ensuring the company is always able to offer its customers the best products while also achieving greater competitive edge and differentiation on a global market.