Quality and food safety policy

Emsur is deeply involved in the continuous improvement of our quality policies; we prioritize policies for workplace risk prevention and food safety.

Food safety

The implementation of our quality policies is focused on achieving our main goals:

  • Active and on-going improvement in quality and safety through continuous improvement.
  • The manufacture of safe products that comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements without damaging the environment.
  • The constant effort of our employees to understand and meet our customer’s quality expectations.
  • All our suppliers are considered to be strategic partners who contribute to compliance with these policies.
  • Management is responsible for the communication, implementation and enforcement of this policy.

Prevention of workplace risks

EMSUR Group’s management consider the safety of our staff and facilities to be an inalienable, fundamental and permanent objective.

EMSUR Group assumes the following commitments in this regard:

  • Involve all staff in the responsibility for health and safety management and involving external collaborators in this commitment.
  • Management will do everything possible to ensure all employees join in with this personal commitment to health and safety, as an essential way of acting and working.

Quality certificates

Emsur’s factories comply with all current regulations regarding health and hygiene.


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ISO 9001

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All our quality and safety policies are constantly developing thanks to our determination to continuously improve.