Emsur’s corporate responsibility contributes to creating solutions for a better future and sustainable development.

In recent years all of Emsur’s acquisitions and developments have focused on improving its environmental footprint, by creating plants with ever lower CO2, as well as by selecting industrial systems that reduce its environmental impact through the controlled management of wastes, the removal of volatile organic compounds and waste water treatment.

Our environmental policy is considered to be one of the most advanced in Europe.

The constant inspections by different international quality and environmental bodies provide international recognition of our commitment to the environment.

Emsur’s factories comply with all current regulations regarding health and hygiene.

Social Commitment

Emsur colabora con Fundación Tomillo

Emsur along with the other divisions of the Lantero Group are working very closely with the Tomillo Foundation, a non-profit organization working to achieve the social integration of individuals and vulnerable groups through education, improving employability, strengthening social networks, analysis and innovation.

The Tomillo Foundation was launched over 30 years ago by Javier Lantero and Manuel Fierros, who joined together with the desire to do something useful for society through a charity project to help those most in need. It was formed as an immediate response to the problems of unemployment at that time, creating small businesses to give employment to young people with few resources and little education. Today it has become a project that has changed the lives of over 600,000 people.

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In addition to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, all these measures allow us to achieve greater competitiveness and differentiation in a global market.